Monday, January 27, 2014

Otakon 2013 Madoka Magica Fan Gathering

This was the first photo shoot gathering that I have ever participated in. My friend, who was cosplaying as Kyoko, discovered this shoot on a cosplay forum and we included it as part of our Friday itinerary. This was completely fan organized: run by fans, for fans.

As Madoka Magica cosplayers gathered near the Indoor Fountain, photographers patiently waited for the start of the photoshoot. Once the cosplayers stopped arriving to the gathering, the photo shoot began. The first set of pictures were individual characters (in no particular order): Madoka, Sayaka, Homura, Kyoko, Mami, Kyubey and…WITCHES! Yes, there were some people who cosplayed as witches from the series, especially the infamous Charlotte. Then came the pairing or grouping of cosplayers, such as gender bending, Kyoko versus Sayaka and one of each magical girl grouped together as the fabulous five.

After we all did our final photo with the majority of cosplayers attacking Kyubey, the fan gathering ended. Even though it was a fan gathering, the location was perfect and it was well organized. There was some form of leadership signaling latecomers and what character grouping happened next. It was a unique experience and definitely something I would not mind participating in again.

© 2014 Linda Thai
Photography by Linda Thai and AC
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