Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cosplay at #NYCC 2013

I was standing on line to get something signed and I spotted this cosplay, but only from shoulder up. The hair style looked vaguely familiar, especially that little piece in front of the forehead. So I approached the young lady and asked her if she was Mulan. Apparently, she is Jedi Mulan, which explains the light saber and the alteration to Mulan’s green outfit. Very cute.

Personally, I find it interesting when I see a cosplayer whose face looks like the actor. I have seen plenty of Captain Jack Sparrows and a few years back there was a Superman that looked like Christopher Reeve! So with this cosplayer I had to take a double take. I was thinking to myself, why does his face look familiar??? It was one of those “I’ve seen him somewhere…” moments. I saw his name tag and realized he was Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.

I saw the Yellow Ranger and childhood memories started flooding in. Love her helmet!

My friend actually spotted this cosplayer; it was Wolverine without his claws. I have gotten so used to people cosplaying Wolverine in his yellow Marvel suit or in attack mode, that it was refreshing to see a different version of him.

God of War. It’s the paint job. It looks real good.

Batgirl and Jason Todd as Red Hood. I thought the red hair was her own, but she told me it’s a wig. Could have fooled me!

At the booth they were introducing an anime series with their cosplayers on stage to help promote it.

I recognized the cosplayer as Superman, but then I noticed the precised details.

Up close are the fine details of the blue and the S. I can’t believe someone actually made the fabric to look like the design from the movie!

Last but not least, Ghostbusters x Super Mario Brothers! Mixing and matching parts of the two series to create what you see here. Let’s not forget the props! F.L.U.D.D. actually plays music, while Luigi’s vacuum lights up!

Best cosplay for me that weekend. PERIOD. I mean come on! Look at Luigi’s face!

© 2014 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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