Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Transformers Hunt at #NYCC 2013

Was it really a hunt? It probably was because it was one of the first things I thought about for New York Comic Con (NYCC). Some of the products I was looking for were intentional, but the others, I just randomly spotted them.

One of the things I do before going to the convention is go to their website and look up the convention exclusive items that dealers may have. One of them was Lunar Toy Store and the item listed was an Asian Exclusive Grimlock. I had no knowledge of this store or the item, so it peaked my curiosity enough for me to check it out. Well upon discovery, they have a variety of unique toys, but I cannot afford any of them. Regardless, in the words of Chet Royer, this is my “Bandai booth for Transformers.”

Continuing on with the browsing of the Dealers Room, while walking through The Block section, I noticed these tiny Transformers figures. I asked the dealer if these were fan art and he said that they were not. Looking closely at the merchandise, I was intrigue by it’s chibi like nature and the feel of the surface. Then at that point, I could not decide if I wanted to buy one or two or the whole set. Well, that was easily decided for me when another customer brought the Megatron, so I ended up picking the two that I liked.

Onto more browsing! Randomly, I stumble upon Acid Free Gallery! Well, more like while I was browsing, I kept in mind what was their booth number and made sure to spot them. It was not too hard actually. They had Transformers artwork hung up and placed all over on the table. Yes, I wanted something, just had to figure out what. In the end, I decided to purchase a certain artwork, which you can read more about it here.

Left to Right: Casey Coller and Andrew Griffith

Another thing I wanted relating to Transformers, autographs!!! I read the IDW Publishing series, so I was pretty excited to get to meet the artists. Plus, there were surprising ones that I did not even know about until I went to the Artist Alley! The details of my autographing adventure is here.

Well, that’s my Transformers adventure! I am happy that I was able to accomplish what I was seeking. I hope there will be more at the next NYCC!

© 2014 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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