Monday, August 4, 2014

I Spy Anime and Manga at NYCC 2013

Happinet Corporation – I have never seen nor heard of this company. However, I can tell you about my interaction with them. They introduced me to their Japanese Motion Comics on the tablets that you see in the picture above. I saw characters move in the panels, but I do not recall audio. Once I reviewed each of the manga featured on each tablet, I was given a survey to complete. Then I played a dice game to see if I could win a pack of napkins. None of the dice had a match.

NetComics – well…they USED to be a manga distributor. I believe they only deal with Korean comics (Manwha) now.

Good Smile Company – One of the most well known Japanese figure companies. I tend to see and hear about their Nendoroids, which are these adorable super deformed (SD) or chibi version of Japanese characters. Also, on display were non-chibi items and figures/statues, such as figmas and Max Factory.

Bandai – Toys, model kits, and blind boxes, oh my! There were so many things on display. Dragon Ball, Power Rangers and Gundams were the main attractions of this booth. Even Godzilla had to take a back seat!

Kodansha Comics USA – You can’t pass by this booth and not notice one of the most famous manga series: Sailor Moon.

Yen Press/Hachette Book Group – The only spot in the booth that had the Yen Press manga series. The rest of the booth were other Hachette books.

GEN Manga – Independent manga and this was the 3rd year in a row that I’ve seen them at the con. Many volumes came out since their first volume in 2011. Good job guys!

Viz Media – They are probably one of the longest surviving player in the USA manga publishing industry. Dark Horse Comics is probably the other one.

Kotobukiya – This company has A LOT of statues with well sculpted faces and clean paint jobs from a variety of series and not all are from Japan, such as Star Wars and Aliens vs Predators. I’ve seen other companies with horrendous statues, but this company never ceases to amaze me.

Publisher Weekly – The book you see above was by Osamu Tezuka, which was a prize that you could win after completing something. Can’t remember what that was exactly. Obviously, I did not win because I never received an email for the item. (T_T)

Dark Horse Comics – 25 years of manga. They’ve been publishing for a long time and the train keeps moving. – First time seeing them was at Anime Boston, now they are here on a bigger scale! They were selling merchandise, had figures and plushes on display and a cosplay showcasing on stage. Too bad they did not have the Godoka tapestry that I wanted…

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Photography by Linda Thai

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