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Media Report: Kids Comic Con at #NYCC 2013

Captain KC

We had our own room! Well, sort of. It was called the Family Room. Digging into my memory bank, the last time there was a dedicated space for children was a few years back up in the River Pavilion and Galleria area. After that year, the space was used for other purposes and Sunday was Kids Day. Unfortunately, for that day, its dedicated children events were mixed in with the older crowd events that may or may not have been appropriate. So, when I learned about the location of Kids Comic Con, I was pleased that, finally, there was a location for an all age audience. Let’s take a look at what was happening in the Family Room.

The giveaways and activity sheets for the children.

With a quick observation, attendees entering the room would have noticed that it was quite festive. Throughout the weekend, it was full of family life and fun education for the kids.

During one activity, Kids Comic Con (KCC) founder Alex Simmons engaged with the audience by asking the children to present their super hero creations.

This happened during the super hero creation: reading, drawing, coloring and most importantly, brainstorming.

After the conclusion of the activity, Simmons posed with some of our young attendees and their creations.

Lastly, certificates were given away for the awesome super hero creation.

Besides interactive activities, there were performances, such as puppetry and plays throughout the weekend.

If the children wanted to…Who Wants to Blast A Trooper?

Also, for the young fans, there were autograph signings by industry guests. Smiling brightly is Paul Castiglia.

Now this…this…what does it tell you about the Family Room?

Keep in mind that what I am about to say is entirely my own opinion and not of KCC. As I mentioned above, I was pleased that there was a dedicated space. However, I was disappointed at the size of it. How come the Family Room was about the size of 2 elementary school classrooms? I remember the Galleria was packed with families, but this? I don’t think the Family Room needs the size of the Galleria, but I knew it was going to be too small. The picture above is enough for me to say, yeah, I called it. There was a line of people trying to get into the Family Room and I knew it was going to happen. Every year there are so many children at the convention, so I’m surprised about the space. I hope this coming NYCC, the dedicated Family Room (if there is going to be one) will have a more accommodating space.

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Photography by Linda Thai

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