Monday, December 1, 2014

Review on Petit Chara! Series - Sailor Moon Puchitto Oshiokiyo!

I first discovered these cuties on AmiAmi. I actually missed on it the first time. Then when it became available on the site, I brought it before it was sold out again.

I only brought one box, because I did not want to risk getting duplicates. All I really wanted was one of each character, and I did not care too much about which version. The box came and as I suspected, there was one of each character in the box. Woo hoo! However, unbeknownst to me disappointment was approaching.

The first blind box that I opened had Sailor Jupiter as a 5 piece package. When I started looking at the parts, there was something obviously odd about it. The head looked good, especially the face (except for that odd green dot on her nose), but it was her outfit. I was dumbfounded at the paint job; it looked bad. I thought, “ok maybe it was just ONE bad paint job.” So I opened all the other blind boxes but for some strange reason, the outfits all had bad paint jobs and good looking heads.

Don’t get me wrong. Usually, what is pictured isn’t always exactly what you get. However, since it was Sailor Moon, I had a higher expectancy for the quality of the item. Especially, since it was for the anniversary, I did not think the paint job would look this funky. It was just odd. Maybe it’s mass produced?

So if you care about the paint job, this might not be an item for you, especially if you feel that the price of one doesn’t justify it. I’ve seen them individually for $10. However, if you love Sailor Moon enough to forgive the paint job, yeah, go for it. If you can buy the box, like I did, totally saves you money. Have fun collecting!


Update for this review. I brought a box from the two sets that came after this and there was a huge improvement on the paint job. This time the paint didn't run off to other the parts of the figure. Totally worth the purchase!

Petit Chara! Series Sailor Moon Atarashii Nakama to Henshin yo!

Petit Chara! Series - Sailor Moon Puchitto Gakuen Seikatsu yo!

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Photography by Linda Thai

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