Monday, December 8, 2014

The Blind Box Adventure with Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mascot

I was browsing through my comic book store when I spotted these. I became intrigued and decided to buy 3 of the blind boxes. This is where the “let’s pray that I don’t get duplicates” starts happening. I hoped to get Homura and what luck! Not only did I get her, but the other characters as well on the first try. Yay! No duplicates.

This is where the problem begins. I got greedy and tried my luck. Instead of buying 3, this time I only brought 2 thinking maybe I won’t get a duplicate. Well, I was wrong. I ended up getting two witch Sayaka. Ok so I didn’t have this character, but I did not want both boxes to be witch Sayaka. Now that I have 4 out of 6, I was tempted to buy more.

Alright, maybe 3rd time’s the charm. I bought another two boxes. I got Charlotte, but I did get another witch Sayaka. I guess I got half lucky, and it was not cool. You would think I would stop buying at this point. But no, I did not want to raise the white flag yet. I am only missing ONE from the set, so I wanted to complete it. I figured let me try ONE MORE TIME and see what happens. Lo and behold! Out of the 2 boxes that I brought, I got Madoka! Plus, another Sayaka Witch.

I am happy that I have completed my set, but I lost $18 to duplicates (each box cost $6, not including the tax). Do I regret it? No, but it would have been nice to be able to get the set before I had too many duplicates. Maybe I could have spent the $18 on something else, like another Madoka item or anything else that I may have wanted.

Nonetheless since I knew that there was a possibility of getting dupes, I was taking the risk of spending extra money in the hunt. If you don’t mind buying blind boxes to get what you want, by all means go for it! Otherwise hold back the urge for something better. Happy hunting!

© 2014 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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