Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cosplaying as Saber Extra at New York Comic Con 2015

This year, my cosplay was Saber Extra, the Gift figure version, which includes her 6’ sword named Aestus Estus: The Original Flame. My first concern when handling the cosplay was the mode of transportation for the sword. I can go on the train, but the sword? Luckily, I was able to drive myself there all dressed up and ready for the con. Next concern was, will my sword be approved to enter the event.

The reason I was worried was because of the prop policy that started and continued since last year. Foam and cardboard made props only. On Thursday, after work, I went to the con to do some shopping. I didn’t see the infamous confiscation bins, so I thought “ok maybe things got toned down a bit.” Then when I went to the con on Friday night, the bins made an appearance. Even though my prop meets the policy requirements, as a cosplayer, after working on it the week of the con, you can’t help but worry about not being able to walk around with your sword.

On Saturday, as I entered Jacob Javits Center as Saber, I approached the bag check table. While waiting for my turn to get checked, the security behind the table already noticed my sword. I thought to myself “Oh, $H!T….” When he was up to me, he held my sword and moved it up and down, then gave me the ok to go through. Yay!!! Even though I got in, unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well and went home to recover. So Sunday became my big day.

The cycle of worry repeats itself. Yes, it was approved the day before, but it wasn’t the same security guard. I arrived at the con at 10:30am and like every early arrivers, we walked to the gated area at 49th street. The bag and weapon check was outside Jacob Javits Center, but the tables were setup inside and outside of a tent. The outside table was empty, and I really wanted to get in as quickly as possible. While my sword was getting checked, security asked, “What did you make this out of?” I figured he asked just to double check on the material, so I said “foam board.” He seemed impressed and said, “good job.” d(^_^)b

Off to some fun at the convention! Since I missed out on Saturday, I tried to look at everything. I went straight for the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman costumes located at the other side of the building. While walking there I received picture requests, but there was one memorable almost unfortunate moment. Since there was a big open space, I posed with my sword and looked in the direction that my prop was pointing at. Well...someone wasn’t watching where they were going and almost walked into my sword! I yelled out “WATCH!” and that's when the person realized what was in his face. I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't looking, he would have had quite the physical shock.

Alright, so I kept going about my running around and headed for the artist alley. Yes, people stopped me in the Connector for photos, but a woman in particular was curious about my prop. She asked me if it was made out of wood and if she can touch it. Funny thing was, she was not the only one who thought it was made out of wood. Plus, she was touching my prop before asking. Lol! Quite amusing.

I made it to the Artist Alley, did what I had to do and decided to leave. Well, I could not go back the way I came: everyone had to exit through the doorway leading to the outside. The wind was cool but not cold like winter winds. The sun on the other hand was blazing so my sword was my shade. While walking, I heard someone running and calling out Saber. I turned around and there was a young lady, who asked for my photo. Of course, I posed and went on my merry way. Then I saw someone, I think it was someone’s father, trying to take a cellphone photo of me. He didn’t ask, but, I was thinking to myself, I rather have a nicer photo of me. I stood in front of him he snapped the photo, and the woman next to him (probably his wife) said “thank you.” Just an FYI to everyone, it’s OK to ask cosplayers for photos. Most of us will say yes. Plus, I’m sure you want a nice photo of us not a crappy looking one!

Ok, so enough about my adventures outside. Back inside the building, yes, I received photo requests, but I also had the opportunity to network. While walking around the show floor, I spotted a familiar character from Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks. Rin Tosaka at the Book Walker booth! I finally find a character from my series and took a picture with her. Then I saw Saber the blue version! I called out her name and when she turned around, she immediately recognized who I was! Haha! Two Sabers!

After taking my photo with blue Saber, I was getting close to finishing my time on the show floor. I started walking back to the other side until I noticed a familiar dress. I realized it was the McCall booth. I said to one of the booth lady that I made my dress based off of THAT dress. Yes, that’s why the dress was familiar to me. The booth lady asked for my photo, and in the background, I heard another booth member shouting out twice “what’s the pattern?” I didn’t realize that it became so serious. Lol!

Once my McCall experience concluded, I continued walking to the other side. Looking at the time, the convention was nearing its end. Before leaving the show floor and I almost forgot about it, I took a picture inside the Tamashii Buddies box. I was too happy with my day to not to. After I stepped out of the box, I saw my buddies Mario and Luigi! Ahhh so happy!! Ninja 101 and I ended up doing a Red vs Green photo. Coincidently enough, the Kotobukiya bag that he was holding was green too.

The day was coming to an end, but after much reflection, it was a good day in place of my horrid Saturday. I was able to accomplish a few goals: battling the Jurassic World Raptor, networking with publishers, checked out the majority of displays, received picture requests, including selfies with people, and saw some old friends. It may have been a Sunday, but it was a happy day.

© 2015 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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