Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New York Comic Con 2015 Goodies Commentary Part 2

Please check out Part 1 before reading Part 2

I found this funny poster and Project Batman blue print at the DC Comics booth that had the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman costume on display. It’s nice to see the top dogs having a sweet time together.

In the Family HQ, it was all about Yo-Kai Watch. A lady was presenting a demo of the game on the tablet. Afterwards, I got these freebies! I asked her about the show and she said that it’s being shown in the room. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay because it would have been another 30 minutes lost from spending time on the show floor. I probably will check out episode 1 on my own time.

The Progressive unicorns were all over the place! I spotted this one outside the Connector where the Progressive booth was. I asked for a photo, she posed and then I received a Flo costume! Cute, Progressive, cute.

I was surprised to see Con Edison there; however, I think I was more surprised that it was located in the Artist Alley. As I approach the booth, I noticed something curious: comic books. Yes, there were informational brochures, but the comic books were geared towards educating children about electricity safety. Good job Con Ed!

I was looking through the Artist Alley and I recognized a familiar name: Alex Milne!!! He's not from the United States of America, so I was jumping for joy knowing that he's coming to the con! So, I went digging for all my Drift (my favorite Cybertronian) related comics, but, unfortunately...I couldn't find my Transformers: Drift issue #1!!! I like the humanized interpretation of Cyclonus for Transformers More Than Meets The Eye, so I took issue #43 with me to get it signed.

I believe that I went looking for him at the con on Friday after work. I went straight to the artist alley and he wasn’t there. I went back a second and he still wasn’t there. So when I finished browsing the artist alley, I went a third time and he still wasn’t there! His fiancée was nice enough to let me sit on the floor in front of his table, because it was getting close to 8:00pm, which was when the alley closes. Then finally (!), he came! It was 10 minutes to closing.

He was nice enough to sign all my comics and he did something extra cool for me! He asked me if he can do a quick sketch on my Transformers Drift: Empire of Stone. Of course I said yes! Good grief! He did it in under 3 minutes! I love how artists can draw on the spot with such ease. His proportions look awesome! As I continued being a fan girl, I received permission to give the guy a hug and had my picture taken with him. It was an awesome way to end the night.

© 2015 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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