Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saber Extra vs Zulu the Velociraptor at New York Comic Con 2015

It was Sunday, October 11,, 2015 and I arrived on the scene in the morning hunting for the famous raptor. I learned about its existence Thursday night, but I wasn’t prepared until Sunday. I was Saber Extra (aka Saber Nero), the Gift figure version, and I had my weapon of choice for the battle: Aestus Estus: The Original Flame.

Around 10:30am, I approached the scene were the raptor was first seen: outside the main Jurassic World entrance. There were park staff members clearing the plants and I asked one of them if the raptor has left for her home? He said the raptor will return around 12pm downstairs.

When noon hit, I went downstairs to the lowest level. I discovered a quiet spot to sit at and decided to recover from dehydration and starvation by drinking ginger ale and eating crackers. Afterwards, I got up and walked away with a slight hope of seeing the raptor. I encountered a couple of park security members and asked about the raptor.

I was directed to the next level above. With no raptor in sight, I approached the park visitor center that housed the park security members and again, asked about the dino. They said that the raptor is located towards the alleyway. I went towards that area, but again, nothing.

While thinking about my failure in finding the target, I decided to explore the park. During this time, I discovered a crowd of people circling around an area that was full of green plants, which was similar to the ones outside the main Jurassic World entrance. I knew then that she would appear. Patiently, I waited and then came the undeniable sound of her voice. She’s here!

The crowd was full of excitement! We were all thrilled to witness the beast’s demeanor and vocal power. Trainer Brian Wynne was there to tame the raptor, while some of us had the rare opportunity to meet her up close and personal. She had quite the reaction when meeting her admirers, including trying to eat a few.

Then it was my turn. My desire to battle the ferocious beast was to be fulfilled. I raised my 6 foot tall blade high above the ground ready to fight. Zulu examined my blade and approached with caution. I swung my sword at the beast, but instead of striking her, she caught my blade with her mouth. The battle was over. I left the fight with a fond memory and received a consolation prize.

Thank you Zulu, I hope you and I will return to the same area for a rematch.

Ok, you’re probably wondering wtf is this girl talking about?! I was so excited that I wrote everything that happened as if I, Saber, was in the Jurassic World universe. So time to translate certain things in the post:

Park Staff Members = Jurassic World crew
Quiet Spot = NYCC Quiet Room
Park Security Members = NYCC crew
Park Visitor Center = the glass wall area on level 3 near Guest Services that stationed the NYCC staff
Alleyway = Artist Alley
Park = Show floor
Consolation Prize = Jurassic World buttons

Basically, I ran around looking for the Velociraptor, because I really wanted a picture with it. I grew up loving dinosaurs and wanting to be a paleontologist, so being with something as close as the real thing is a dream come true! When it was time for Zulu to appear, like everyone else, I waited for my turn to get my photo opportunity. Unfortunately, I had to try again for the next session, which was in 20 minutes. I waited nearby, then got back in with the crowd and was told by the trainer that I was next. Yes, the battle ensued. I saw camera phones above people’s head, so if someone has a video, I would totally love to see it!

My final thoughts on this is that, I know the Jurassic World crew was there to promote the movie DVD Blu Ray release, but it would be fun if Zulu just made a random appearance next year. I think most of us, would love to see her again. Next let’s see if they can bring a Tyrannosaurus-Rex!

So thank you Zulu and friends for bring her to New York City! Best experience ever!

© 2015 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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