Friday, December 11, 2015

New York Comic Con 2015 Goodies Commentary Part 1

DC Super Hero Girls. I was happy to see that there is a super hero doll line for us females, but I was disappointed that not all the character dolls were present. Where’s Katana? They were promoting an Asian character, but there’s no doll for her. Why would she be the only one left out from the characters being promoted at the booth?

I recalled Capcom selling Monster Hunter Felyne Pins at last year’s NYCC. This year, I saw the cats, but I could not remember if I had the same ones. I went up to the cashier desk and asked if these were the same ones that were sold the previous year. No they were not, so I bought them all!

I'm not a huge fan of dog tags, but when I saw EnterPlay, LLC listed on the show floor, I knew it was my chance to get a CERTAIN dog tag. A few weeks back, I randomly bought a pack of Super Mario Dog Tag for $5, just for the hell of it. When I saw the checklist of what dog tags were made, I became interested in the Koopa Kids ones. So, at NYCC, when I spotted the Enterplay,LLC booth, the packs were cheaper by $2 AND they had ones available for trading. So I brought some packs and kept some of what I got and traded for what I wanted. As you can see, I couldn't get all the Koopa Kids, but I did get the rare gold ones.

When I was looking at the retail section of the Viz Media booth, I saw the tote bag that I’ve been hoping to get for a while now. When I first saw it (probably at NYCC 2013 or online), I wasn’t able to acquire it. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything that I wanted to purchase to receive the free tote. When it showed up at this year’s con, I was hoping to buy something to get the free tote. The Season 2 blu-ray was expensive and I did not really like the design of the Sailor Moon R t-shirt. However, I figured at least, I can wear a shirt and it’s affordable. So, I asked about the sizes…they didn’t have my size…smh. The product eventually sold out. Ok, so on the LAST day of the con, I asked my friends if there’s something they wanted, so I can get the tote. Nothing…until…one friend brought a subscription with good freebies AND I got my tote! YAY!

At the Viz Media booth, there was a wheel of prizes! No matter what number it landed on, everyone won something. However, each number was a different prize relating to Tokyo Ghoul, Sailor Moon or Naruto, which was the most desired! Yup, I got the Naruto poster.

The only S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon series character that I wanted was the Sailor Moon Imposter Version. I didn't really get into this line because of the joints: I don't like them. However, when I saw that this unique character was released at San Diego Comic Con 2015, I did not think I would ever have a chance to purchase it. When I was walking around the BluFin booth at NYCC, by chance, I saw the character. Since it was an SDCC exclusive, I was surprised to see it. Thank god there was one for me to purchase! So happy!

Stay Tune for Part 2!

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Photography by Linda Thai

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