Saturday, January 16, 2016

Anime Boston 2015 Cosplay

Ms. Frizz from The Magic School Bus! Ah childhood. Not even sure if the show is on anymore or if there’s a new version of the series.

Her pretty gown caught my attention. I asked her if it was a costume and she said that she’s wearing it for the Formal Ball. It made complete sense.

While I was at the end of the next row, something red caught my attention. The colors of her attire reminded me of Disney’s Mulan. When I examined her costume further, I noticed the hair accessory. That’s when I realized that she was cosplaying as the character. When I approached her and asked about her outfit, she confirmed that she was indeed Mulan.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, so I had no idea who they were portraying. A friend told me that the girl was cosplaying as Katy Perry from the half time show. All I recognized was the shark, because I’ve seen pictures of one on stage with Ian Ziering from Sharknado.

Epic Dragon Ball group cosplay. The costumes looked awesome and they even got the iconic hairstyles.

Greyscale versions of famous DC Comics villains. This is the first time I am seeing this interpretation. I’ve seen the greyscale statues, so maybe I’ll see more cosplayers in the future doing these versions.

This was such a cute moment. The little boy, in the front of the group, wanted to be part of Big Hero 6. He basically helped complete this cosplay group minus Bay Max. Too perfect.

League of Legends. Her prop was just too awesome looking.

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Photography by Linda Thai

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