Saturday, January 9, 2016

Random Commentary Anime Boston 2015

In my years going to Anime Boston, I have never encountered this many people on line for check in. This was after 3pm.

This was projected onto the hotel lobby floor. Pictured here is the rotating Anime Boston logo.

Great improvement on the Charity Raffle ticket bins. This was much more secure and professional in appearance compared to previous years.

This is what happens when you enter the Dealer Rooms during the first 15 minutes. Insanely crowded with excited buyers.

Magic Knight Rayearth was one of my first English translated manga I read. Because the series is more than a decade old, I was surprised to see these keychains! Well, obviously, I bought the set!

Go ahead and read the second selection on the menu…What in the world is “Anime Hot Dog?”

The convenience of food; expensive food at the convention center. I have seen food stations before, but not in this particular spot. Regardless, it was a good placement, because it was right outside the Dealers Room side entrance.

Food “Exclusively at Anime.” Probably didn't have enough space for “Boston.” Any thoughts on the theme appropriate and eye-popping advertisement?

My Silica dagger getting proper treatment by security.

I spotted one Lolita and asked her if she was with the two other Lolitas slightly ahead of her. She said “There's five of us.” Most epic and RARE Lolita sighting EVER! Quintuplets!

Kantai Collection cosplay. However, the man is the real deal. Look at his salute and posture! He has a military background, just not the Navy. :-)

Old school Sailor Moon dolls. I never had one of these before…

© 2016 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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