Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Reflections of Yuri!!! On Ice from an Adult Skater - Episode 12

Episode 12 – Gotta Super-Super Charge It!! Grand Prix Final Free Skate

This episode starts out as if the journey is about to end. “After the final, let's end this,” Katsuki said to Victor. He continues with “thank you for everything. Thank you for being my coach.” There are a few times where I have been thinking about when would I actually stop skating. It's like when I ask myself, when will I stop cosplaying. Am I too old for this? In both hobbies, I have seen many who are older than me and sometimes I see families participating. I've seen families dressing up together at conventions and skating together at rinks. To be honest with you, I do not know when I'll say goodbye to my coaches. Probably, the obvious answer would be if one of us moves. Can't really coach from afar.

“The tale is more compelling than the one that doesn't end,” said Katsuki. Funny thing is, I don't feel like ending either of my hobbies. At least not any time soon. Initially, I wanted to accomplish the Michelle Kwan spiral. Everyone else probably wants to do cool jumps, but my end goal was really to do that one element. However, since I've been taking lessons, performing in shows and competing, I feel like there's more to learn especially since I have the opportunity to combine cosplay with my skating in a Theatrical Showcase competition. So, I guess my story won't end until it reaches to a point where I'm satisfied and can't go any further. I think that's when I'll know that I have a compelling tale.

Katsuki's final thoughts are “there's a place you can't reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone. Win or lose, you call everything on the ice love.” Is my dream too big that I need others' assistant to accomplish it? I think my first question is what IS my dream? No idea. I don't have an ultimate goal in figure skating, like the senior level competitive skaters that aim for the Olympics. However, whatever mine may eventually be, I know I'll definitely need the support of coaches, family and friends, whether it's for emotional, financial or other forms of support, knowing that there's someone that cares or appreciates what you do, helps drive the skating ambition.

But keep in mind, the most important drive is how you feel about the sport. I have realized that about myself, which happened when I finished my lesson with my first Jump Coach. I remember looking at the ice, looking back at the clock and then looked at her. I remember her eye popping expression and her words stayed with me: “aren't you tired?” No, I wasn't. I wanted to continue learning. I wanted to stay and keep going. That is when I knew that I love the ice. It is my happy place.

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